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Posted on 16 February 2015

Most JEE aspirants are going under dual pressure of appearing in board exams and JEE Entrance exam back to back within a fortnight.  I can assure you that if you strategize your preparation plan, then it will require only 36 hours to score high (26/30) in physics section for JEE Main. Well if you plan it, things are going to be in fact very easy. I will like share my expertise for the aspirants which will definitely help you in JEE Main:

  • Topic management: JEE Syllabus consists of every topic you do in class 12th. So If you are preparing well for the Boards, you are in fact in an advantageous situation. 60% of JEE Main paper consists of class 12th question and 12th portion is relatively easier and scoring one in comparison to class  11th syllabus. One should try to finish class 12th content along with the JEE content corresponding to class 12th. If you do so, you will find yourself confident enough for both the exams.

  • Time management: Since you are very close to the dates both the exams, I will recommend the aspirants to invest at least 3 hours for each subject. Apart from this, you must make it sure that you invest 1.5 hrs for your board contents and and the next 1.5 to 2 hours towards practicing numerical from previous years JEE/Olympiad questions.

  • Repeated Practice: It will definitely give you an edge as every year at least 3-4 questions gets repeated in JEE MAIN Exam which will give you a double advantage as it will save your at least 12 minutes of time for solving those question and accuracy will also be 100%. The saved time you can invest on Maths section which is comparatively  bit tough in JEE Main. All the candidates who score within Top 100 rank always tick out 10-15 question in the first 10 minutes by just having a look over the question paper as they find out question which have been repeated.

  • Plan your chapters smartly: Put your efforts smartly on the topics which can give you a sure shot marks. Class 12th syllabus is a sure shot score. Try to bag a full score in 12th based questions in JEE. In class 11th section, one should make sure that sound waves, simple harmonic motion and rotational mechanics are mastered as these can be the scoring topics. Then after you can go for Linear mechanics (Kinematics, Newton's Laws of Motion, Friction, Work Power and Energy, Solid mechanics) but you not should skip these as JEE Main has at least 5-6 questions only from linear mechanics, most of them are formula based.

  • Aim for 90% plus in your CBSE or state boards: In fact this will put you on safer side from the qualification perspective and give you confidence while appearing for JEE Main. Last two year statistics shows that students who had scored more than 90% in CBSE or state boards have finally got a very broad advantage over those who are below 90%. This must be your first target to grab a prestigious college seat.


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