Revision Strategy for Physics - last few months to IIT JEE - 2016

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Posted on 28 January 2016

It is examination time! Students of class XII are in a fix on how to manage board exams and engineering entrance exam preparation. Do not panic! Since there is a pressure of pre-boards, practical exams and then boards, I would suggest that students should concentrate on the XII class syllabus rather than revising things from XI class syllabus. Revise your syllabus of XII class so thoroughly that you should not need to revise these topics later for entrance exams.


Proper revision is important and here are my suggestions for the same.


1. Set realistic goals and make a timetable for yourself.  This really helps. According to the time available to you, divide entire syllabus into parts and complete each topic according to the plan. For example, if 45 days are left and there are 15 topics to be covered, then assign 3 days to each topic to finish. Time allotted may vary according to length of the topic.


While revising a topic, I would suggest to solve some numericals for practice. Preferably the ones which you found difficult while initially studying rather than attempting to solve all the available problems. Otherwise you would not be able to finish revising your entire syllabus.


2. One needs to prioritize. One should try to finish the ‘weak’ topics first; i.e. topics where you face difficulties or lack confidence. Generally, students allocate more time to their favourite topic(s). I would suggest that you revise favorite topics later.


3. Laying the foundation of revision. You should at the start of your preparation focus on making short notes at the end of each page, highlighting important points, making your own summary for lengthy topics, making pictorial representation, charts and tables of important points etc. These things come handy as important tools while revising when your exams are nearing. I would strongly recommend to make a separate copy for all the subjects, which should contain all the short notes and important formulae for all the topics. Please do not waste time in making these notes look pretty.


4. Eschew all distractions. Say no to TV, no revision while listening to songs. Whenever something else comes into your mind (some music starts playing in your head or a recently watched movie starts flashing in front of your eyes etc…), get up from your desk, take a walk, perhaps get some snacks, and get back to your desk with full concentration on your topic.


5. Fix a quiet and comfortable spot to study. By comfortable I do not mean that you should revise while lying in your bed. Sit at a desk on a comfortable chair. Keep writing while revising, that will keep your concentration on the topic and help you learn the important points and formulae as well.


6. Practice with test papers. Many institutes provide test series to assess yourself at an all-India level. Choose a test series that provides part syllabus tests by dividing the entire syllabus into a number of tests (ideally 8+) and then provides full syllabus tests about the same in number. This will also help you to plan your revision schedule for the entire syllabus.


7. Solve previous years’ papers. Before going for the exam you should have ideally solved previous years’ papers of that exam; this is the best way to improve your test taking skills.


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