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Tips for CAT 2015 from Spanedea tutors published in the press

CAT 2015, Last Minute tips to maximize your score, published in India Today, November 26, 2015, contributions from Renjith Joshua. Click here to view           ...

Analysis of CAT 2015 from Spanedea tutors carried by a publication

Published India Today, November 30, 2015, CAT 2015 Paper Analysis and Expected Cutoff, contributions from tutors Malay Krishna and Sujoy Datta. Click here to view. Published India Today, December 10, 2015, CAT Result and Expected Cutoffs for various IIMs, contributions from tutors Sujoy Datta and Pravina Chattarjee. Click here t...

Preparation tips for the last few days for CAT - 2015

Now that CAT 2015 is around the corner, a lot of students are unable to decide the course of the last month of their preparation. Having been there and done that successfully, I thought that I should calm down some nerves and make sure that you guys give your best on the exam day. Enumerating a couple of points that you should definitely do ...

Answers to student questions on preparation from our expert tutors.

Hi Jyothi. To the best of my knowledge, there is no official syllabus for CAT. Theoretically, they can ask anything that can be argued to fall under the terms "Quantitative Ability", "Verbal Ability", "Data Interpretation" or "Logical Reasoning". It is impossible (as well as unnecessary) to be 100% sure of...

First of all, do not be scared. I repeat, do not be scared. I have taught at least 10 students from Medical background who are at one of the top business schools right now or have graduated. Finish your basics across all the chapters and do the Level of Difficulty 1 questions. Once you are done with them, segregate your topics into: 1) Strong ho...

Hi. It is always a difficult task when we start our preparations at first. Specially, if you have medical background. The first thing you need to understand is that if you remain regular with your preparation without any ups and downs you are sure to succeed. I have taught students who didn't know anything in Maths and they managed to sc...

For basics, you need to review any 9th and 10th standard ICSE/ CBSE books which will cover major parts of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry and mensuration. Also refer to 11th and 12th standard ISC/ CBSE books for concepts on functions, coordinate geometry (straight lines), trigonometry (basics) and permutation combination probability. Apart fro...

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QA and DI

CAT Quant & Data Interpretation Comprehensive Course


QA and DI

Course No.: AT106-0519

Total duration: 5 weeks
Total class hours: 41 Hours
Number of classes: 35
About Course:
CAT is a tough exam and you need to train your brain for it.
The key to success is training your mind to think differently. Get acquainted with both the content and the length of the test. CAT is not rocket science, it just requires a lot of discipline.

CAT is a very logical exam and if you are good with logic you should be able to do reasonably well. The challenge is not to master all concepts, or to do all problems correctly; the challenge is to maximize the score.

This 40 hrs Quant session are designed with an objective in mind to clear the basic and advanced concepts tested in Quant section of CAT. Students will get sufficient practice on different problems on each easy, medium and difficult level through pre and post session quiz for each session. Students will take a number of online mock tests along with this course. The test will be rigorously analysed to give you guidance and feedback.

All the notes in form of presentations/PDF will be shared with students at the end of each session.

Special Features
• One to one classes
• Sessions Customized to particular students need
• Convenient timing
• At comfort of your place
• Sufficient Practice
• Doubt clearing session
• More focus on concepts
Topic Covered
  1. Arithmetic Percentage

  2. Arithmetic Profit Loss

  3. Arithmetic Simple Interest Compound Interest

  4. Arithmetic Ratio Proportions and Variation

  5. Algebra Average Mixture Alligation

  6. Algebra Time Work

  7. Arithmetic Time Distance

  8. Arithmetic Simple Equations

  9. Algebra Quadratic Equations

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CAT LR Complete Course



Course No.: AT106-1503

Total duration: 10 weeks
Total class hours: 20 Hours
Number of classes: 10
About Course:
The Logical Reasoning section is one part of the Verbal ability section. Adequate practice of this section can get you some quick points on the CAT.

A typical 30 question section of verbal comprises of:
1. Reading Comprehension: 9-10 questions
2. Logical Reasoning: 9-10 questions
3. Other Verbal questions: 10-11 questions : This section includes components such as sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Correction, Paragraph Completion, Verbal-based reasoning and Critical Reasoning.
Topic Covered
  1. Introduction to Logical reasoning- Bar graph, pie charts, tables etc.

  2. Use of Percentages and Ratio in solving LR questions

  3. Seating arrangement questions and table filling

  4. Practice questions Different constructs

  5. Concept of averages and its application in LR Questions

  6. Linking data sets to tables and charts

  7. Practice

  8. GAME point questions

  9. Decision making from XAT and extra questions from SNAP

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